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Flowers and plants, tastefully and stylishly arranged, can transform the workplace, whether office, reception area, hotel, restaurant, boutique or showroom. We would recommend our corporate services to any company interested in creating a pleasant and relaxed working environment, or seeking to project a welcoming, positive and modern image.

The benefits of having flowers in your workplace are numerous. They bring a breath of fresh air to an otherwise sterile environment, relieve stress, relax clients and visitors, and reflect the caring and considerate nature of your company. They are also a sign of a prosperous business, and can be used to reinforce your corporate image and colours. Displays can range from modern, stylish designs to elegant vases of flowers to more permanent plant arrangements.



Our experienced florists will visit your premises and offer some practical and creative advice. We'll suggest which designs we think are appropriate for your workplace, and where we think they should be situated. We can also provide prices for any plants and flowers we discuss.


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